Our Projects:

KA1 - Youth Exchanges

Express U! A New Cultural Engament to Social Inclusion

1st edition (2019)  

2nd edition (2021)

Main goal:

  • Promotion of social inclusion, diversity and tolerance in youngsters through culture, specially through dance.

If Clothes Had a Voice – How to fight the climate change through upcycling 

Main goal:

  • Empowering young people to be participative in European society and their local societies on climate change, by promoting greater awareness of sustainable consumption, the circular economy, upcycling and the reduction of waste production.

KA2 and Sport

Why Is The Sky Blue?

(01/01/2020 – 30/06/2022)

Sport- Small Colaborative Parternships 

Main goal:

  • Promote social inclusion and equal opportunities through sports practice, mainly via the development of social, cultural, personal and educational competences in children.


Let’s Grow Together!

KA2- Strategic Partnerships for Youth 

Main goal:

  • Promote social inclusion and equal opportunities for children and young people, through new methods of development of key competences, complementary to those employed by formal education and training systems.


Our Emotions Are the Same 

KA2- Partnerships for Creativity 

Main goal:

  • Promote social inclusion, equality of opportunities and the empowerment of youngsters, through activities of self-knowledge and regulation of emotions with methodologies inspired in dance, complementary to those used in the formal systems of education. 

As partners


Gender Equality on Mass Media

(coordinated by Adribs)

At DCTR it is believed that great positive transformations arise when people intersect and connect, bringing profound and lasting change to the community.