ERASMUS+ SPORT Small Colaborative Partnerships // Why Is The Sky Blue? 

DCTR was recently supported by the Executive Committee of the European Union to develop a project within the scope of Erasmus + Sport, within the scope of the project “Why is Sky Blue?”, that will occur from 1st January 2020 to 30th of may 2021. This action offers the opportunity to develop, transfer and implement innovative practices in different areas related to sport and physical activity, between different agents and organizations working in the field of sport and other areas.

Why This Project?

The purpose of this project came from the perception of issues that are transversal to the communities in which the participating organisations are inserted. In particular:

  • Lack of alternative capacity-building methods to those advocated by the formal education systems, which translates into children’s lack of interest in learning and can have tremendous consequences in terms of early school leaving and social exclusion rates.
  • High rates of physical inactivity and childhood obesity, which is a major threat to population’s health and can have costly consequences for European societies in economic and social terms.
  • Lack of ways of promoting the common values advocated at EU level in the formal school system, which are considered important not only for the children’s full personal and social development but also for the construction of a cohesive and inclusive Europe.
  • Lack of articulation between educational institutions, organisations working on the development of competences through non-formal and/or informal education methodologies, and active organisations in the field of sport and physical activity, which hampers the sharing of good practices, methods and tools, and the creation alternative ways for empowering and developing children.


MAIN: Combat the a lack of alternative, innovative social inclusion and participative methods for the development of social, personal and educational competences in children, especially for those who are at the first 6 : years of the compulsory  schooling (children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old), combining the methodology of sports and non-formal education.


Footura // Association for development of sports and sports culture Footura is a non-profit organisation aiming to contribute to stimulate active participation of young people in society and to build a sustainable and effective civil society in Bulgaria and in Europe – through informal methods focusing on sport, healthy and active lifestyle.

A.T.I.C. // A.T.I.C. was established in 2016 in Galați Romania, by a group of young people in order to contribute to the social and personal development of local children and youth.

L’Orma SSD a.r.l. // L’Orma is a non-profit sports club and educational agency from Italy that since 2000 develops and delivers the best possible formative sportive/expressive experiences based on non-formal and informal education and aimed at personal and professional growth of children, parents and teachers.

Proacting // PROACTING is a non-profit association founded in 2019, after a fusion of knowledge and experience, by its constituent elements and focus on entrepreneurship.


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